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Our company vision is supported by four core values: safety, integrity, citizenship and sustainability. Our values are not just words on a page; our people really do live them every day. As a company with more than 117 years under our belt, we've been at this a long time. Sustainability, quite simply, is the way we do business.


Our company began replanting forests in the 1930s, long before it was common practice or required under forest practice rules. Over the last decade, we've planted more than 1 billion trees on our timberlands. And we harvest, on average, less than 3 percent of our timberlands each year. This means we are harvesting below the rate of growth, one of the basic tenets of sustainable forestry.

But today, sustainability means more than just planting trees.

For us, sustainability means balancing the needs of today with the needs of tomorrow to ensure longevity. Longevity of the natural resources we rely on, our company, our employees and our communities.

We do this by managing our environmental, social and governance impacts and performance together. We look for opportunities that meet all three spheres at the same time, not compromising one for the other. And we recognize that when all three spheres are managed well, our company performs better.


Our board of directors' Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee provides oversight and direction on the company’s sustainability strategy and annually reviews our sustainability performance and progress toward goals as well as key issues and trends.

This board oversight is supported by cross-functional staff, who identify opportunities, risks and external trends and provide recommendations to ensure optimum performance. Our senior management team reviews the effectiveness of our strategy and monitors results. Our Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility team provides structure and guidance for implementing our strategy, ensuring internal and external engagement, and reporting on our progress.


To determine what's important to include in our sustainability reporting, we identify the information needs of our key audiences, including customers, investors, current and potential employees, and other stakeholders. We draw from internal tracking and surveys of stakeholder inquiries and interests, broader sustainability trends and feedback from key users.

We also consider the relevance of the topics to our company (e.g., where we operate, what we make, who we hire) and how these topics affect our ability to create value (e.g., practice sustainable forest management, attract investors and employees, make and sell our products). We solicit feedback from stakeholders throughout the year and review our assessment annually to ensure the identified topics are still relevant and significant.

We are an integrated forest products company that primarily sells product directly to other companies. This means most of our topics are significant only within the boundaries of our company, as we do not outsource the making of our products or the management of our forests. For topics where we are reliant on entities outside of our own boundaries, we discuss our relationship with these suppliers in the relevant portions of the sustainability section of this website.

We share our sustainability performance exclusively online. This section of our website is updated annually and serves as our company sustainability report.

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