5 Exterior Trends to Help Guide Your Sales

October 23, 2023 in Wood Products - #distribution

The exterior is a home’s first impression, its hook, its welcome sign. That’s why it’s so important for your customers to create a look buyers will love, one that’s classic yet on trend, timeless yet unique—and, most importantly, one they’re proud to come home to.

Here’s a look at some of the current trends in home exteriors to help your customers create lasting curb appeal and welcoming spaces.

Multi-textured facades: Mixing and matching different profiles, textures, and colors of siding continues to be a go-to option for setting homes apart. This might include a stone half wall with lap siding above, board-and-batten or shakes in a gable, accent wall sections in a different material or directional orientation, or any combination. Wood-look siding plays a key role in this trend, lending a touch of warmth for modern-leaning homes or a classic aesthetic to traditional-style facades.

Board and batten/vertical siding: The ongoing interest in Modern Farmhouse styles has helped fuel a love for board-and-batten and vertical siding, either for the entire façade or as accents. Woodtone’s RusticSeries™ Panels deliver the look in an easy-to-install one-piece format with an eye-catching wood-grain.

Dark hues and grays: Though neutrals are starting to come on stronger, dark hues and rich grays remain on trend. Dark greens, in particular, have been noticed by several color forecasters lately. To capture this trend with RusticSeries, try Black Canyon, Midnight Tide, Warm Expresso, or Roasted Walnut.

Low maintenance: Regardless of the trend, buyers highly value low-maintenance features. Homeowners would rather spend weekends enjoying their time rather than having to dedicate it to tasks such as re-staining wood siding or maintaining boards. Products like RusticSeries™ offer the perfect blend: an exquisite, authentic cedar look without the accompanying hassles, extensive upkeep, or worries about cracking and decay.

Outdoor space/yards: It’s no secret that outdoor space is one of the biggest trends for the home exterior, fueled by the pandemic and other factors. Zillow declared the backyard as the must-have home feature for 2023. "The rising popularity of outdoor features suggests the pandemic has changed the way we want to live for good, priming the backyard for a 2023 evolution," Amanda Pendleton, Zillow's home trends expert, said in a statement. "When the pandemic forced all entertaining outdoors, homeowners reclaimed their backyards from the kids or the dogs. Now they're rethinking how that space could serve as an extension of their home in new, creative ways." 

For siding, this means paying attention to the rear of the home almost as much as the front. Slapping on the cheapest material in the most ho-hum color can take away from these new outdoor spaces. While the rear exterior needn’t be quite as decorative, it should be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and timeless.

To see how RusticSeries can™ help your customers transform their homes and meet design trends, check out Woodtone’s project inspiration gallery

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