Weyerhaeuser is committed to being responsible stewards of our working forests, which provide broad societal and ecological benefits such as clean water and air, wildlife habitat, opportunities for recreation and more.

As part of that commitment, we are proud to partner with government agencies and conservation groups to ensure positive conservation outcomes by identifying and preserving areas with exceptional historic, scenic, recreational, forestry or wildlife habitat attributes. In some cases, depending on the needs of the land or our conservation partner, we may either sell or place a conservation easement on the special area.

We have a passionate team of experts with a broad range of conservation expertise, and we value working with diverse partners to ensure our working forests provide vital resources for generations to come.

We work with local communities as well as nonprofits
Image showing woodlands with a river in the foreground
We've Committed More Than 3.6 Million Acres To Conservation

If you’d like to learn more about conservation opportunities, please contact us:

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