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Call to the wild: Sierra Giraud gets social about her connection with the woods

In Sierra’s video profile, “Launching a Career in New Hampshire’s Northern Forest,” she walks us through a day in the woods and shares her passion for her work and nature. ... Read More
August 18, 2020

How Dealers Can Help Homeowners Create Backyard Sanctuaries

The ongoing pandemic had an impact on construction few would have predicted back in February: It’s driven increased demand for home improvement. Shelter-in-place orders resulted in homeowners finally tending to their project lists, from caulking the bathtub to building a deck, especially since they’re not spending as much money on entertainment, dining out, and travel. And the demand crossed both the DIY and professional spaces. ... Read More
August 6, 2020

3 Cedar Homes Balancing Modern Forms, Natural Surroundings

The benefits of Real Cedar are numerous—from beauty to durability to sustainability. But nothing speaks louder than seeing what cedar can do, how it can transform architecture, infuse richness, blend or contrast, and inject warmth in ways few other materials can. ... Read More
June 8, 2020

Cedar Inspiration Gallery: 5 Interior Walls

Cedar is often thought of for siding, decking, and other outdoor projects. But the same warmth and beauty that is so beloved on the exterior is also perfect inside the home—from ceilings to paneling to saunas. A full wall or feature wall made of cedar is a great way to add richness to a modern interior or play with daylight streaming in through the windows. ... Read More
May 1, 2020

Go, fish, go: It took a community to restore an Oregon creek to its natural state

For the first time in 70 years, threatened and vulnerable migratory fish now have access to two additional miles of critical cold-water habitat on our property in southwest Oregon ... Read More
April 22, 2020

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