Across our 11-million-acre timberland portfolio in the United States, Weyerhaeuser leases a small percentage of our subsurface rights for hydrocarbon production. Nearly all this production is for natural gas and comes from a footprint of only 20,000 acres within the Haynesville Shale Basin in North Louisiana. The Haynesville Shale has become a significant source for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) exports that are transported across the globe and assist in providing energy security for many countries.

For all natural gas and oil projects, Weyerhaeuser functions as a royalty owner and does not participate in or control the development or production of wells but rather executes long-term leases with responsible third-party companies. Royalty income from these leases amounts to around 1 percent of Weyerhaeuser’s total annual revenue.

Our leases require compliance with national, state and local rules and regulations, and our teams conduct regular financial, insurance and environmental audits to ensure all operating partners meet or exceed those standards.

Our team of professionals has experience in land negotiation, geology, geophysics, prospect generation, GIS applications, accounting, data management and more. Our aim is to create beneficial lease operating rights with qualified companies to develop projects on our land in a sustainable manner.

In addition to providing royalties, Weyerhaeuser’s ownership of subsurface rights facilitates the development of alternative surface opportunities including wetland mitigation, conservation, renewable energy and carbon capture & sequestration.

If you'd like to learn about opportunities with natural gas on our land base, please contact us:

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