Sustainability Stories

Weyerhaeuser Honored by Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council

Jeff Grogan and Lyndcy Patrick beamed with pride when the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council named Weyerhaeuser its 2022 Business Supporter of the Year at its annual winter soiree and fundraiser this past December. ... Read More
March 17, 2023

A Portable Sawmill Builds Permanence and Helps Healing Center in Kenora, Ontario

In the woods near Kenora, Ontario, nestled on the banks of Bug Lake, there’s a special place called Gamikaan Bimaadiziwin (Ojibwe for “I will find my life again”). ... Read More
March 15, 2023

Forest Management Agreement Renewals in Alberta Set the Stage for Decades of Sustainable Forestry in the Province

You’ve probably noticed that we talk about our land base slightly differently depending on if it’s in the U.S. or Canada. We own more than 11 million acres in the U.S. — and we manage millions more in Canada. ... Read More
February 24, 2023

Western Teams, from Regeneration to Aviation, Partner to Collect Bumper Crop of Noble Fir Cones

High in Oregon’s Coastal Range this September, not too far from Dallas, a company helicopter hovered over a mature noble fir. A conical-shaped basket and cutting tool, which looked like an upside-down paper cup, dangled from the end of a long tether. The device was lowered onto the fir’s crown and cut away its cone-laden upper branches. ... Read More
February 23, 2023

Partnership with North Carolina Coastal Land Trust Has Protected 6,700 Acres and Counting

Along the Cape Fear River on the North Carolina coast, a 265-acre tract of land buzzes with wildlife, including songbirds, ducks, rare bats, federally protected fish species and the threatened wood stork, the only stork native to our continent. ... Read More
January 24, 2023