Wood Products

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

When it comes to beams and columns, multi-ply solutions are what you may be used to. They are fast, predictable, you are familiar with the materials such as solid lumber or LVL, and you know how to fasten them together. But multi-ply comes with time consuming efforts such as required engineering fastening review and top edge bracing for lateral stability. And don’t forget that they are usually for dry use only which limits their use. Is there a better way? ... Read More
July 8, 2022

Tips for Selling Decking

Best practices and strategies for dealers selling composite decking. ... Read More
July 6, 2022

5 Outdoor Living Trends

As homeowners continue to crave outdoor living spaces, check out these must-have decking features. ... Read More
July 1, 2022

Knockout Holes in TJI Joists

“Knockouts” found only in Weyerhaeuser TJI I-Joists are quick and convenient 1 1/2” round holes spaced 12” on center. They are perforated in to the TJI and easily removed with a hammer. Placement of these “Knockouts” does not affect placement of other holes or interfere with bearing points. These unsung heros of the job site are great for trades looking to speed up productivity by taking the “guess work” out of hole placement. ... Read More
June 9, 2022

3 Trim and Color Trends for 2022

As homeowners continue to focus their attention on remodeling projects and growing their outdoor living spaces, exterior facelifts are top of mind for pros and consumers alike. Supporting customers means staying up on what’s new and what homeowners and home buyers are looking for. ... Read More
May 24, 2022