Wood Products

Histories Intertwined: Bruce Sawmill in Missississippi Celebrates 50 Years of Deep Community Connection

On July 4, the tiny town of Bruce, Mississippi, held its annual Sawmill Festival, honoring the largest industry in Calhoun County. Every year, locals get together for food, fun, a 5K run and a showcase of local arts and crafts. ... Read More
January 10, 2024

Expert Webinar on Framing with TimberStrand® LSL: Enhance Your Construction Skills

Are you interested in top-quality framing? We've got just the resource for you. This on-demand webinar, hosted by Fine Homebuilding and featuring insights from Steve Rudowsky of Weyerhaeuser's Trus Joist team and renowned custom builder Ben Bogie, dives into the world of TimberStrand® LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber). ... Read More
December 4, 2023

Exterior Finish Options for Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar’s natural durability and physical properties make it highly versatile for exterior applications such as siding, trim, soffits, and decking. ... Read More
November 6, 2023

The Benefits of Biophilic Design and the Role of Cedar

Architects and designers play a key role in facilitating a connection between building occupants and the natural world through biophilic design. ... Read More
November 6, 2023

4 Wood Looks for Commercial and Multifamily Projects

From a school to a restaurant, here are four projects showing the versatility of Woodtone RusticSeries siding. ... Read More
October 23, 2023