Business Collaboration Benefits Homeless Women and Children

March 12, 2014 in Wood Products

One phone call was all that was needed for our Northern Virginia Weyerhaeuser team to spring into action. Weyerhaeuser OSB Market Development Representative Fred Miller received a call from friend and business colleague John Monacci of Winchester Homes. John is a board member of HomeAid, an organization that supports the renovation and construction of shelter facilities. John had a problem and was searching for some help to replace an unstable floor for an organization called Women Giving Back.

Women Giving Back, A HomeAid program, provides free clothing to women and children in Northern Virginia homeless shelters. Many women in shelters are employed or attending school, and need professional clothing to improve their lives. One fourth of the homeless population are children.

Women Giving Back has a storefront for women and their families to receive free-of-charge clothing. The second floor of this facility was unstable, and in need of replacement starting with the sub floor. John knew of the problem and called Fred to find a solution.

Fred was able to work with the Weyerhaeuser Baltimore Distribution Center and the team of Brad Miller, Matt Barnes, and Kelly Faulcon to secure 1,500 square feet of Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold® OSB panels, and have the unit delivered to Women Giving Back for installation. Within a week, the Weyerhaeuser team heard the call and responded.

This kind of immediate response was critical to Women Giving Back as they are experiencing a great need of winter clothing since the weather in Northern Virginia has been unusually cold. Thanks to the joint effort of the Weyerhaeuser team, they were able to respond with speed, simplicity and decisiveness and directly impacted the lives of homeless women and children in Northern Virginia. Thanks team.