Framer Series™ Lumber... A Very Fine Pine

May 19, 2021 in Wood Products - #lumber

By: Art Lewis, P.E.

Ever spent time sorting a stack of 2×10’s that are ‘straight enough’ to frame your project?  And after that, you end up with a disappointingly large cull pile?  Weyerhaeuser Framer Series® lumber (FSL) is the solution to that problem.

‘Yellow pine’ lumber has a long history as a framing product, based on its strength and stiffness.  But typical lumber has a frustrating tendency to twist, bow and warp even after installation.  FSL takes that away giving you a straight frame that stays straight . . . with no sorting!  You build a better quality project while saving time and reducing waste.

FSL is a southern pine lumber product available in sizes from 2×4 thru 2×12 and lengths up to 20 feet.  It’s presently produced at six Weyerhaeuser mills located in the southeastern US.  The mills and the timberlands that supply them are SFI certified.

Commodity lumber (no. 1, no. 2, etc.) is only visually graded, but FSL is machine graded to provide reliable design strength.  FSL is either M9 or M12 grade material (based on size/length).  FSL design properties and span charts covering typical usages can be found on Weyerhaeuser’s website in brochure LB-4020.

But that’s only part of the story – what makes FSL truly outstanding is its selection process.  Each piece is identified via a proprietary computerized grading system.  This system evaluates the internal characteristics within the board then identifies those with the least tendency to twist, bow or warp, ensuring they start straight and stay straight.  As an added benefit of the grading process, every piece of FSL has a crown stamp on the wide face indicating the direction of the crown.  Framer guesswork eliminated!

FSL also comes with a mold inhibitor applied to help keep product looking fresh and a limited product warranty!

It’s perfect for premium framing. Contact your local Weyerhaeuser representative to find out more.


Art Lewis, P.E.