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Industry Video Offers Education on Panel Spacing

December 2nd 2013 in Wood Products - #OSB & Panels

While the improving housing market is a welcome trend, it’s brought with it a new challenge—labor. As builders struggle to fill their framing crews, more and more inexperienced framers are hitting the jobsite without knowledge of some of the core best practices for product installation.

One of the most common problems popping up recently: neglecting to space subfloor, roof, and wall panels properly. Missing the simple step of leaving a 1/8-inch expansion gap around all panel edges can lead to aesthetic and performance problems down the road.

APA-The Engineered Wood Association has tackled this issue in a new training video. The back-to-basics advice shows framers why panel spacing is important, how to space properly—and how a simple nail can be used to accomplish this required spacing.

View the video here: