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Investing in Talent: An Intro to Wood Products

September 30th 2013 in Wood Products

Last month I attended the Wood Products Intern and New Hire event, geared at helping those new to Weyerhaeuser learn more about the company values, products and our mission of sustainability. With a modest tenure of less than two months, I had (and still have) quite a bit to learn about the wood industry and how Weyerhaeuser brings products to market. But I left with more than just product knowledge—I felt a keen sense of pride and excitement at the prospect of building my career at Weyerhaeuser.

The event was attended by 34 interns and new hires from across the U.S. and Canada.  Participants represented several fields, including technology, engineering, finance, and more—definitely an impressive and diverse group. As I floated from one conversation to another, I heard talk of manufacturing process improvements, engineering updates and accounting procedures. It was eye-opening to see just how many unique individuals and roles are required operate our business on such a massive scale.

The agenda was fast-paced and provided glimpses into several aspects of Weyerhaeuser.  From studying a built-to-scale mini model home, to a field trip visiting Quadrant’s Evoke brand model homes, there was no shortage of new things to learn and experience.  A Technology Center tour proved especially interesting, as it showed the extensive testing and research invested into our products.  (On a side note, have you ever seen Flak Jacket burn? It’s awesome.)

Another highlight of the event was a casual barbeque with leaders across the company. I was struck by how empowering it felt to have direct access to those guiding the company and how much I learned as we talked about their career progression and our hands-on work experiences at Weyerhaeuser. President and CEO Doyle Simons even stopped by to have some lunch and learn more about our educational backgrounds, professions and career goals.

It wasn’t until the event was over that I fully appreciated its purpose and impact. For instance, interns were asked to pursue careers at Weyerhaeuser.  In today’s job market, that’s pretty amazing.  I think it’s a strong testament to Weyerhaeuser’s culture of recognizing great people and top talent.  On a personal level, it was truly rewarding to be in the company of such intelligent and capable individuals who have decided to give their time and talent to Weyerhaeuser.

This event was a wonderful welcome to the company.  I’m excited to see what the future brings!



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-- Kirstyn Ricker