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Proper Storage and Handling of Edge™ and Edge Gold™

October 20th 2015 in Wood Products - #OSB & Panels

Protect Your Investment

When you purchase any subfloor panels for a job, you’re making an investment—not only in the product itself, but in your company’s reputation. So by taking good care your building materials, you’re helping to ensure that you are delivering what you promised.


Because it is manufactured under pressure using heat-cured resins and wax, Edge™ and Edge Gold™ panels are durable and dimensionally stable and tough enough to withstand the weather exposure that comes during a normal cycle of construction. But like all wood products, if a panel is left exposed to weather for extended periods of time, it can absorb moisture, which can cause swelling. While still structurally sound, these raised edges can create problems with roofing, siding or flooring finish materials.


All Weyerhaeuser subfloor panels are engineered for strength and stability, but like most building products, their performance can be compromised if they are not stored and handled correctly. Protection is critically important to successful installation and performance.



Tips for Proper Storage and Handling


At the Yard
[li]Whenever possible, keep building materials in an enclosed space, or at least under roof cover.[/li]
[li]Store panels flat—never on edge.[/li]
[li]Keep cardboard side covers in place to protect corners.[/li]
In Transit
[li]When transported on open flatbed trucks, cover panels with a weatherproof tarp.[/li]
[li]Always transport panels in a flat orientation.[/li]
[li]Protect edges (and ends) from damage, and keep the load level.[/li]
[li]When moving Edge or Edge Gold with a forklift, stack the panels on a bunk or pallet and insert the forklift tines in between the supports and under the load (never into the panel stack).[/li]
[li]Unload all at once with a forklift and leave the stack strapped so that panels don’t slide.[/li]
At the Jobsite
[li]Schedule deliveries to make sure your subfloor panels aren’t exposed to weather for any longer than necessary.[/li]
[li]Never store panels directly on the ground, especially in wet or muddy areas.[/li]
[li]Edge and Edge Gold should be stacked on three 4x4s (one in the center running widthwise, with the other two about 12 inches from each end). This will improve air circulation and keep the panels off the ground.[/li]
[li]Cover units with a tarp (or plastic) during inclement weather, remembering to properly ventilate the sides so as not to trap in moisture.[/li]
[li]Protect tongue-and-groove edges by keeping the cardboard side covers in place until you’re ready to install the panels.[/li]
[li]Maintain a clean jobsite by removing sawdust, mortar, wood chips and other debris as quickly as possible.[/li]
[li]Wrap and roof the home as quickly as possible to minimize moisture exposure.[/li]

It’s important to also use good construction practices—such as leaving a 1/8-inch gap between panels—but even proper installation can’t make up for product that has been damaged. Protect your bottom line by following these simple steps to ensure your Edge and Edge Gold panels will provide the performance you expect.


For additional strategies and advice, contact your manufacturer’s representative.