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Save time with Javelin software version 5.3. Available now!

June 18th 2015 in Wood Products - #software

Did you hear the news?  In April, we released Javelin software v5.3 with more time saving features for you.  If you haven’t already, check out these exciting new enhancements:

  • Orthogonal Mode – Reduce input errors by forcing the selection of points to vertical/horizontal locations.  Simplify layout cleanup by restricting the movement of point objects like posts, labels, or notes straight up/down or side to side from their original locations during drag and drop.  Easily fix small skews for linear members like beams or walls by restricting the movement of the dragged end to be straight across from the other end during drag and drop.  Please note that the preview the program shows during the drag and drop of labels and notes isn’t indicating the orthogonal restriction.  That will be addressed in a future release.
  • More Control during Update Floor Members – Control whether spacing is updated during the Update Floor Members command.  In version 5.2, we made Update Floor Members more powerful by allowing the update of accessories and flush beams in addition to the floor joists.  Now choose to leave joist locations alone unless spacing is changed.  Have the program make the changes to the members without worrying that any custom edits to spacing will be thrown away unexpectedly.
  • Hatch Beams in your Layout – Improve layouts with hatching for beams.  Use hatch patterns to show the justification (dropped vs. flush) or material type (TJI Joist vs. Microllam LVL) of beams on the layout.  Communicate this important information to your framers to reduce errors.

Check out the What’s New page for a complete list of enhancements.

Don’t have Javelin software?  Talk to your local Sales Representative for pricing, and to determine whether it can work for your business.


Trish Baird is a Business Analyst for our structural frame software team and has been at Weyerhaeuser for over 15 years. During that time, she has worked in many disciplines including software support, testing, and now product management.