The Hole Truth: How to Properly Place, Cut and Drill Holes in TJI’s

November 18, 2022 in Wood Products - #techtalk #trusjoist

Trus Joist Weyerhaeuser territory manager Steve Rudowsky guides you through the right and wrong ways to put holes in TJIs. TJI joists are very versatile when it comes to holes of many sizes, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the integrity of the joist is not compromised.

This video will cover:

  • Types of acceptable holes: square, round, grouped, rectangle
  • Common mistakes when drilling holes in TJI joists
  • Proper cutting techniques
  • Allowable hole locations, and how to identify no hole zones
  • Knockouts: small prepunched hole for convenient running of wires and plumbing supply lines
  • Resources for calculations


The following webpages and documents provide all the information you need to correctly size, locate, and cut holes in TJI joists. If you’re still unsure after reviewing this information, reach out to your regional Trus Joist representative with questions.