Welcome To Tech Talk

January 13, 2013 in Wood Products - #tech talk

Our sales and in-market technical team give hundreds of educational presentations and answer thousands of customer questions each year, and yet it is nearly impossible to reach even a fraction of the engineers, architects, designers, builders, framers and other users of our products when we have something new to share or want to explain the details of our various product lines and their typical end uses.  With the launch of our improved website, we are bringing our industry-leading technical expertise to you in a new way.  While we are calling it Tech Talk, don’t worry if you are not an architect or engineer, this blog is still for you. Our goal is to maintain the balance between sharing valuable technical insights and writing content that appeals to a general audience.

In Tech Talk, experts from within our Engineering, R&D, and Codes & Standards teams will discuss some of our most frequent customer questions and explore topics like why we are so excited about our Flak Jacket™ coating, Framer Series® Lumber, and Edge Gold™ panels with Down Pore™ self-draining technology.  Ever wonder why we offer rim board in so many different thicknesses or how to get help with a specification question or a job site repair?  We intend to cover that and more in the coming months, so check back every few weeks or sign up for the email alert on our News page.  If you have a suggestion for a topic you want to see discussed, send us an email at wood@weyerhaeuser.com and we will do our best to work it into an upcoming post.