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Weyerhaeuser Distribution Adds Sheathing Products From Ox Engineered to Houston Location

June 17th 2015 in Wood Products - #distribution

Weyerhaeuser Distribution is expanding its distribution of Ox Engineered Products with the addition of its Houston location. Offerings in Houston include Thermo-Ply® Structural Sheathing, Styrofoam SISTM Structural Insulated Sheathing and ISO Red Polyiso Foam Sheathing.

A high-performance alternative to wood structural panels, Thermo-Ply Structural Sheathing is made from pressure-laminated plies of high-strength cellulosic fibers specially treated to be water resistant, bonded with a water-resistant adhesive, and topped on both sides with a polymer layer; foil facings may be applied to one or both faces. The sheathing comes in three grades, two widths and three lengths.

Styrofoam SIS Structural Insulated Sheathing combines four benefits in one: structural lateral bracing and transverse wind load resistance; insulation; a water-resistive barrier; and an air barrier. It is code-compliant for use as braced wall panels attached next to other rigid insulation sheathing or as continuous structural insulated sheathing over the entire wall line.

ISO Red Polyiso Foam Sheathing offers continuous insulation for the building envelope, reducing conductive, convective and radiant heat transfer, and providing thermal, air and vapor control layers to keep conditioned spaces comfortable. The product’s closed-cell foam provides for higher R-values, superior moisture resistance and fastener seal-ability that housewraps do not.

“Ox Engineered’s diverse lineup of sheathing products has been the perfect complement to Weyerhaeuser Distribution’s other offerings, providing our dealer customers and building pros with ample options to meet code requirements and design goals,” said David Helmers, vice president of Weyerhaeuser Distribution. “From strength to water resistance to energy enhancement, Thermo-Ply, Styrofoam SIS and ISO Red offer efficient, reliable means for constructing high-performance building envelopes.”

For more information on Ox Engineered Products, visit www.oxengineeredproducts.com. For more information about Weyerhaeuser Distribution, visit www.weyerhaeuser.com/distribution.