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Weyerhaeuser Now Offering WindsorONE trim and molding products throughout California

October 16th 2012 in Wood Products - #distribution

ederal Way, Wash., October 16, 2012 – Weyerhaeuser Distribution has added the full line of WindsorONE trim and molding products to its third-party product offerings in California, where it is the exclusive distributor of WindsorONE exterior trim. Weyerhaeuser is stocking and shipping the products from its distribution centers in Stockton, Fresno, Santa Clarita and Fontana. The addition of California distribution expands the markets Weyerhaeuser is supplying with WindsorONE building materials; this summer the company announced it is distributing WindsorONE products in Texas. www.woodbywy.com, www.windsorone.com

“Our customers have asked us to offer additional quality building products,” said Tom Devlin, General Manager of the West for Weyerhaeuser Distribution. “We’re continually on the look-out for top-quality products we can bring to our dealers that help builders build faster and better. The WindsorONE line is manufactured in the USA to be straight and true, plus it looks great.”

“Weyerhaeuser has one of the most extensive distribution networks through California and the U.S., so was a clear choice to make our products more easily available to California builders and dealers,” said Craig Flynn, President of Windsor Mill.