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You're going to like Douglas

August 9th 2013 in Wood Products - #lumber

Some people don’t really care what species they use for their project. But they should. Each species looks and performs differently. Take our Douglas Fir lumber for example. It has an attractive red/orange and cream appearance, stays straight and has tremendous strength.

In 2011, we introduced our kiln-dried Douglas Fir Premium and #2&Btr grade lumber. These products have been very popular with our customers – especially those looking for an alternative to beetle-killed SPF or those who like Douglas Fir but want it to be dry and weigh less.

Weyerhaeuser’s precision manufacturing, process control and mill direct supply give you consistent, reliable lumber, delivered when you need it, where you want it. Whatever the application, Weyerhaeuser lumber delivers all the time-honored benefits of wood—and then some.

If you want to know more about our Dry Douglas Fir lumber or try out a truck or rail car, let us know by using the Contact Us form on any lumber product page, or submit a comment at the bottom of this blog post.