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No matter where you go in our company, you’ll find our vision poster hanging in offices, hallways, break rooms and conference rooms. But for us, it’s not just a poster on a wall. It’s an equation for success, and we strive to live by it every day.


 Working together to be the world’s premier timber, land, and forest products company.


Core Values

  • Safety: It’s first on our list for a reason. We always start with safety, no exceptions.
  • Integrity: We do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons.
  • Citizenship: The communities where we live and work are important. We help them thrive.
  • Sustainability: Since 1900, we’ve balanced the needs of today with the needs of tomorrow.

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Relentless Focus Areas

  • Develop our people: We use a disciplined approach to develop people at all levels of the company to create an effective, diverse and engaged workforce.
  • Deliver the most value from every acre: Whether it's timber, real estate, recreation or conservation, we make the most of all our land assets.
  • Drive operational excellence: We’re focused on delivering quality products that our customers want and are willing to pay for, and doing it at the lowest possible cost.
  • Optimize Capital: We are disciplined about allocating capital to high-return projects that will generate value for our shareholders.

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Key Behaviors

  • Act with urgency: Increase the clock speed. Make decisions quickly. Move fast.
  • Be accountable: Do what we say we’re going to do. Do it on time. Do it right.
  • Be courageous: Be willing to take risks. Own up to mistakes and move forward.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t overcomplicate. Eliminate what we don’t need. Streamline.
  • Be innovative: Seek new and better ways to lower cost, add value, and serve our customers.


When we get those three areas right, we will be a truly great company.
But what does truly great mean? It breaks down like this:

1. Great Place to Work

A strong foundation of values that guides what we do. A place where people have opportunities to develop and grow throughout their careers.  The knowledge that we’re making a meaningful contribution every day. The great feeling of being part of a winning team.

2. Great Financial Results

Relentless focus on flawless execution every day. A total shareholder return that beats our competitors, despite market conditions.

3. Great Sustainable Products

Pride in the products we make, which make life better for millions of people, and which come from a sustainable, natural resource that we've managed carefully for more than a century.

4. Great Commitment to Community

A commitment to giving back to our operating communities through philanthropy and volunteerism.