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We're one of the largest private landholders in the United States. As stewards of these assets, we maximize the value of every acre — from responsible development and building materials to conservation agreements and mitigation banking. 

A growing population relies on our land, and we responsibly deliver.

Real Estate

From forested homesites to acreage for a dream home, we offer timberland and other real estate opportunities.

Development Projects

Strategic economic development opportunities through a community collaboration process.



We're active in mineral exploration, production and development on 11 million acres of land in the United States.



We work independently and with industry partners to explore, evaluate and lease a variety of mineral commodities – including construction materials – on our more than 11 million acres in the United States.

Mitigation Banking

Our restoration projects provide mitigation bank credits for developers to help meet the U.S. Clean Water Act.



Protecting areas that have exceptional historic, visual, recreational, forestry or wildlife habitat attributes.

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