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Our Product Environmental Profiles summarize the environmental attributes of our most popular products — from raw material sourcing to manufactured products. In 2018, we are undertaking a review of our current profiles and will be sharing new versions before the end of the year. 

Read our full methodology for producing these profiles


The American and Canadian Wood Councils developed industrywide environmental product declarations for six wood products that we manufacture: softwood lumber, softwood plywood, oriented strand board, glue laminated timbers, laminated strand lumber, and medium density fiberboard. These third-party-verified environmental product declarations are based on life-cycle assessment results from North American wood products data and include raw material extraction through the manufacturing process. 

Life-cycle assessment is a methodology to quantify certain internationally recognized environmental impacts and energy-consumption data of a product or service for some or all of a specified portion of a product's life cycle. Environmental product declarations are the standardized (ISO 14025) way to communicate life-cycle assessment results about a particular product or service. Sustainable forest management certification can complement the information in wood product environmental product declarations by addressing parameters not covered in a life-cycle assessment, such as biodiversity conservation, protection of wildlife habitat and soil and water quality.