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We know forests are more than just trees. In addition to being an amazing source of a renewable resource, our working forests provide numerous other benefits to our neighboring communities and society. In a highly focused world, it can be easy to forget to see the forests for the trees. 

To increase recognition of the full value our timberlands offer, we measure and share publicly a few of the additional ecosystem services provided by our forests.

While our forests are already providing many of these benefits as part of our standard sustainable forest management, eventually we believe these ecosystem services could be future markets to provide additional sources of revenue. For example, we already operate a successful recreational lease program in the United States, where 141,000 users hold leases or permits on more than 9 million acres of our forests. 

And we don't stop there. We have a robust wetland mitigation banking program and are a longtime partner with conservation organizations to protect and conserve forests. Our forests are also hosts to wind and solar energy projects and are important sources of bioenergy

Who knew that forests could be so cool? (We did.)

Check out our detailed ecosystem services data and you may learn something new about a service our timberlands provide to our communities and society. 

View our ecosystem services data

Harnessing Earth's Renewable Resources

We manage millions of acres of timberlands to make a wide range of products that meet society's needs, but our lands also offer the opportunity to provide clean, renewable energy too, such as wind power.

Renewable energy companies operate four active wind farms on timberlands they lease from us. The four wind farms generate about 400 megawatts of energy. That's enough to power nearly 100,000 homes.