Meet Our People

Trus Joist expert Val DeNoia honored by the American Institute of Architects

When architects in the New Jersey area have a question about a Trus Joist® product, they know exactly who to call: Engineered Wood Products territory manager Val DeNoia. ... Read More
January 27, 2022

Armando Garza puts experience to work at Cottage Grove and in the community

If developing wide-ranging experience is the foundation of a successful career, Armando Garza is well on his way. He has loaded trucks, driven forklifts and learned how to operate every machine center in our lumber mill in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Now, as the mill’s shipping clerk, he uses what he’s learned along the way to help improve shipping efficiencies. ... Read More
January 7, 2022

From Building Community to Inspiring Future Foresters, Colin Town Sees All-Around Wins at Logging Competitions

Sawdust flies, axes spin through the air and beefed-up chainsaws squeal through massive logs. Lumberjack competitions are often loud and exhilarating, giving pros and amateurs alike a chance to show off their skills and test their strength in front of a roaring crowd.​​​​​​​ For Colin Towne, they’re also a great way to build community in a new place. When Colin moved to Aberdeen, Washington, in 2018 to join our Timberlands team as a forester, he jumped right into the local Hoquiam Loggers Playday competition. ... Read More
December 29, 2021

Safety Manager Keith May Uses Small Things To Make a Big Impact

For Keith May, safety doesn’t start or end at work. As safety manager at our lumber mill in Philadelphia, Mississippi, he understands that safety is a mindset we carry with us throughout the day — and that what’s happening at home can affect what’s happening at the mill. ... Read More
December 27, 2021

Territory manager Holly Woitovich has all the right moves

By day, Holly Woitovich is a Trus Joist® guru. By night, she’s a heavy metal-loving ballroom dancer. (Yes, you read that right!) “I love my job — it’s never boring,” she says. “But when I need to unwind, I check all my stress at the door and dance. ... Read More
November 30, 2021