Our Wildfire-Affected Tree Farms in Oregon Look to the Future — and Work Together for Support

In September 2020, the Holiday Farm Fire burned across nearly 166,000 forested acres in Oregon. Some of those impacted acres — including some of our own — were so damaged the soil couldn’t hold water. That meant many seedlings planted there would not survive. ... Read More
May 15, 2024

A Seed of an Idea Transforms Critical Timberlands Data Collection

Rebekah Allen believes the heart of innovation is improvement. So, when she became dissatisfied with an inefficient process for collecting critical seedling survival data, she looked for a way to make it better. ... Read More
May 8, 2024

Crown Z Trail Signage Project in Oregon Shares the Story of Modern Forestry

The Crown Z Trail meanders for 23 miles between the towns of Scappoose and Vernonia, Oregon, just northwest of the Portland metro area. Part paved and part gravel, the trail invites users to walk, hike, bike and ride horses up and down its length — including through part of our Northwest Oregon tree farm in Columbia County, Oregon. ... Read More
April 18, 2024

Drew Wopat Plans for Success, in Our Maine Timberlands and in the Community

Drew Wopat originally went to college to be a civil engineer. But after visiting a booth sponsored by the University of Maine at the Fryeburg Fair, he switched to forestry. “I love being outside,” says Drew, a planning lead who works from our Greenville Timberlands office in Maine. “I’m grateful I made the decision to pursue this career and spend my days in the woods.” ... Read More
April 8, 2024

Removal of an Old Log Drive Dam in Maine Restores Brook Trout Habitat

In the days before highways and railroads, how did forestry companies transport their harvests from remote logging sites to sawmills and pulp mills located hundreds of miles away? Often by water, in a clever practice called log driving. ... Read More
March 22, 2024