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Javelin software has a new look and feel. Check it out!

March 8th 2017 in Wood Products - #software

Have you seen the latest version of Javelin software yet?  You should!  With a bunch of new features including a new intuitive and customizable interface, ledgers, enhanced Load Reference Areas, Consolidate Connector improvements and more, Javelin software is even more powerful.

The new and improved interface includes many items to help you get your job done faster:

  • Customizable ribbons and context menu to help you find commands quickly
  • Tool panels so supplementary commands are at your fingertips
  • A quick access toolbar so frequently used commands are available regardless of the active view
  • A home page to access jobs and manage settings
  • Skins to customize the look

Ledgers are available to be input into the model, so you no longer have to trick beams to act like them.  Quickly input ledgers that attach to walls, beams, floor containers, and roof trusses to support other members and transfer loads through the structure.  Ledger material is also included in material lists and reports.

Now Automatic Load Reference Areas generate line loads for you.  After LRAs are drawn, indicate framing member direction and support objects with just a few extra clicks and the program draws the line loads.  Leaving you free to get to other things.

The improved Consolidate Connectors dialog is now interactive.  Navigate between the model and the dialog to zoom into hanger locations or update hanger properties – including changing the hanger to User Defined – while the Consolidate Connector dialog is still open.  The program also highlights hangers that are selected in the dialog so you can find them faster.  And more information is displayed in the dialog about the hanger and the bearing generating the hanger.  All the information you need to make informed hanger decisions is right there.

And of course that’s not all.  Check out the What’s New page for a complete list of enhancements.  We think you’ll like what Javelin v6.0 has in store.

Don’t have Javelin software? Talk to your local Sales Representative for pricing and to determine whether it can work for your business.

Already have Javelin software and want some assistance upgrading? Email Software Support.