At Weyerhaeuser, we take great pride in being responsible stewards of the land. Like you, we want our forests to last forever, and we want our neighbors to know we follow strict environmental standards and take every precaution to ensure safety for people and the environment we all share. We created this set of responses to frequently asked questions to share more about why and how we use fertilizers on our land.

Why are fertilizers used in forest management?

Fertilizer is a solid product in the form of a pellet. These fall to the ground and do not have the same properties as liquid herbicides.

How often are fertilizers used in the forest cycle?

We harvest an average of only 2% of our forests each year, and we use fertilizers minimally in replanted stands, typically only once during the life cycle of the tree.

How do we apply fertilizers safely?

We follow rigorous processes to prevent applying on someone else’s property, including using GPS in aircraft to ensure precision application, and we hire only licensed, professional aerial applicators.

How is drift avoided?

Fertilizer is a solid product in the form of a pellet. These fall to the ground and do not have the same properties as liquid herbicides.

How are water and wildlife protected from fertilizers?

We take careful measures to ensure treatments aren’t applied directly to lakes, streams or other bodies of water, and we leave a buffer of trees at harvest, around water sources to protect water quality and wildlife habitat. Federal and state laws are designed to ensure fertilizers are not present in soil, air or water in concentrations that may affect water quality, animals or aquatic life.

In addition to maintaining defined distances away from streams, lakes and domestic water supplies, we are required to keep a buffer around dwellings, schools and other sites as determined by the forest practice rules or forestry best management practices in each state. Our company, industry partners, and many other organizations have invested years of research on understanding the impacts of fertilizers on water and wildlife.

Who applies the fertilizers?

We use only licensed, professional applicators who are trained in the lawful and safe use of fertilizers and who use the proper equipment. Our professional foresters are also trained in the lawful use of fertilizers in forestry and work closely with the applicators to ensure a safe and successful operation. Additionally, our foresters monitor the weather for wind speed and humidity to ensure optimal conditions for application.

How will I know when application will occur?

We take steps to ensure neighbors are aware of fertilizer applications and avoid accessing the area during application. Our approach to notifying neighbors and other users varies in our different locations. For example:

Where can I get more information about fertilizer use in forestry?

The following agencies and organizations have more information about fertilizer use in forestry: