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Weyerhaeuser releases the potential in trees to solve important problems for people and the planet, while creating profit for shareholders. Fundamental to our vision is the importance we place on people, including:

  • Our employees who develop solutions to meet the world’s challenges.
  • Our communities with whom we partner to strengthen the quality of life where we have a presence.


Leaders are responsible for and trained to:

  • Monitor and ensure compliance with this core policy. 
  • Promptly and thoroughly investigate concerns.
  • Take appropriate action based on investigation findings.

Weyerhaeuser employees are responsible for:

  • Understanding the need to respect human rights.
  • Reporting any human rights concerns to one or more of the following:
    • A supervisor, manager or team leader
    • Human Resources manager or director
    • Plant or unit manager
    • Law department
    • Ethics and Business Conduct’s EthicsLine (1-800-716-3488) or www.WeyerhaeuserEthicsOnline.com

Supporting Details

Human rights are the basic standards of treatment to which all people are entitled worldwide, regardless of factors such as nationality, gender, race or economic status. This policy is guided by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is embodied in Weyerhaeuser’s:

  • Company values.
  • Various company policies including those for employee relations, ethics, health and safety risk management and the environment.
  • Processes and resources such as the Weyerhaeuser Code of Ethics, and Ethics and Business Conduct reporting line (1-800-716-3488).

Our policy also respects and supports human rights and individual freedoms as follows:

Health and Safety: It is a shared responsibility of everyone at Weyerhaeuser to protect health and well-being through the prevention of injury and illness.

Fair Working Conditions: We adhere to employment laws in the jurisdictions where we operate, and in many cases exceed minimum standards. These include maximum hours of daily labor, rates of pay, minimum age, privacy, freedom from discrimination, and other fair working conditions. We do not employ nor do we support the use of child labor. 

Freedom of Engagement: We prohibit the use of chattel slaves, forced labor, bonded laborers or coerced prison labor.

Freedom of Association: We respect the right of employees to freely choose to organize and bargain collectively, as stated in our labor principles. Managers also have the right to provide accurate and timely information to employees in an atmosphere free from coercion or manipulation.

Relationships with Indigenous People: We respect indigenous cultures and legally recognized rights and status. We work cooperatively with governments, including those of indigenous communities. We make employment opportunities known to indigenous peoples in areas where we operate, and use and recognize their skills and knowledge. We recognize a duty to consult with indigenous peoples. Consultation is to be carried out by all parties with good faith. Whether or not agreement on all matters is possible, we strive for proactive collaboration and mutual understanding. In addition, we strive for a reasonable balance of the concerns of indigenous people with other social interests when evaluating the effect of any particular decision. We support having systems in place that address imbalances of power and capacity and provide for the fair, transparent resolution of disputes.

Community Engagement: We work to strengthen the quality of life in communities where Weyerhaeuser has a presence. We also increase society’s understanding of the importance and sustainability of forests. We communicate openly to build positive relationships with community leaders, employees and other stakeholders.

Environmental Responsibility: We are responsible stewards of the environment wherever we do business. We practice sustainable forestry, set and meet goals to reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and energy, meet or exceed applicable laws, and continually improve our environmental performance.

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