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Strength and Consistency

Weyerhaeuser EverEdge™ Series I Joists and LVL are engineered to provide both strength and consistency — features that help builders save on installation time and reduce both jobsite waste and customer callbacks. EverEdge I Joists are available in standard depths to fit most applications and EverEdge™ laminated veneer lumber (LVL) offers an economical and reliable solution for header and beam applications. Our manufacturing process removes many of the natural inconsistencies found in wood to provide members that are consistent in size and strength.

Weyerhaeuser Rim Board depths are sized to match EEI™ Joists, which means less cutting and material waste when they are used together. Uniform in size and available in 16-foot lengths, Weyerhaeuser Rim Board is fast and easy to install.

EEI™ Joists

Available in standard depths with wide flanges for easy nailing.

EverEdge™ LVL

Available in 1 3/4″ widths and depths from 9 1/4″ to 24″.

Product Literature

Design & Specification

  • EverEdge™ Product Offering Flyer
    N. America: EE-9002
  • EverEdge™ Specifiers Guide
    N. America: EE-9000

Code Reports

  • PFS-TECO Research Report (EverEdge™ EEI)
    N. America: RR-0106
  • PFS-TECO Research Report (EverEdge™ LVL)
    N. America: RR-0105
  • ICC-ES Evaluation Report (Weyerhaeuser Rim Board)
    N. America: ESR-1387

Installation Guide

  • EverEdge™ Installation Guide
    N. America: EE-9001


  • EverEdge™ Limited Lifetime Warranty
    N. America: EE-1000
  • Weyerhaeuser Rim Board Limited Lifetime Warranty
    N. America: OSB-1008

Safety Data Sheets

  • EverEdge™ I-Joist Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    N. America: S570-00
  • EverEdge™ LVL Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    N. America: S538-00
  • Weyerhaeuser OSB Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    N. America: S537-01

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