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OSB Rebate Redemption Form


  1. Purchase Weyerhaeuser products from your local dealer.
  2. Complete this rebate form, upload/attach a copy of the dealer invoice and submit it.
  3. Receive your rebate! 

2018 Rebates valid for purchases made from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2018. Forms must be postmarked or submitted online by Jan. 31, 2019.

2018 Rebates

Edge Gold
Code: 11689


Code: 11687



Terms & Conditions

This offer is available only to first-time customers purchasing Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold Flooring and/or Roofing panels. Award offer expires if the award is not cashed within 90 days of the check issue date, after which time Weyerhaeuser will have no further obligation to you. Weyerhaeuser is not responsible for lost, destroyed, misdirected, postage due or delayed mail, or for any incorrect information provided by you to Weyerhaeuser.

Claims of nonpayment will require photocopy substantiation of all award materials. Requests with invalid or undeliverable mailing addresses will be denied. If you have not received your award after 8 weeks, visit the award status site: http://weyerhaeuser.mycheckstatus.com.