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Forte Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use Forte software?

A: Architects, engineers, drafters, building materials suppliers, builders, building officials and more will find this single member sizing tool useful. The software is also available to educators and students and can be downloaded for free on our website to anyone interested in specifying and using Weyerhaeuser products at Software and Learning


Q: When would you use Forte software?

A: Forte software is used to size Weyerhaeuser products and commodity lumber for use in residential and light commercial structural frame applications. Available member types include floor beams and joists, roof beams and joists, free standing posts, wall columns, headers and studs.


Q: Does Forte software run in a Citrix environment?

A: Yes, Forte software will work in a Citrix environment. However, we recommend that you contact Weyerhaeuser Software Support to help set up your software configuration. Contact Software Support by email at software@weyerhaeuser.com or by phone at 800-833-9491.


Q: What are my resources for learning how to operate Forte?

A: Forte has context specific Help within the program. Just press the F1 key and you will be taken to the Help page related to where you are in the software.


We have 12 short training videos on YouTube starting with an Overview video. To access the training videos simply click http://www.youtube.com/woodbywy and select the Weyerhaeuser Forte Software Training Playlist in the Featured Playlists area.

Our Software Support Team is available during business hours to answer your questions. To contact our Software Support staff, call 800-833-9491, email software@weyerhaeuser.com or chat at Software and Learning.


Q: What if I have questions after I start using the software?

A: Weyerhaeuser has a Software Support team dedicated to assisting users with all types of software questions. Software Support is available weekdays from 8:00AM to 7:30PM Eastern Time.


Q: How do I report issues or request new features?

A: We would love to hear from you! Please direct any feedback to your local Weyerhaeuser representative or contact our Software Support team.


Q: How do I get new releases of Forte software?

A: As part of the software registration, we will retain your contact information and notify you when any Forte software updates or new release become available, and where to download them. You can also check the Forte software webpage periodically to see if a new version of Forte software is available.


Q: Forte briefly displays the startup graphic which disappears and the program does not open. What might be wrong?

A1: The CrypKey Service should be Started or Running and set to Automatic. To fix the issue, follow the following steps:

    • Click on the Start button at the bottom left (for Windows 10, right-click on the Windows tile button)
    • Select Control Panel
    • Open Administrative Tools (under System and Security category)
    • Open Services
    • CrypKey License should be listed as Running and Automatic (for Windows 7, it will be listed as Started and Automatic)
    • If it is not, double-click to open the properties window
    • Set Startup type to “Automatic” and click Apply
    • Click Start and OK
    • Launch Forte to run the program


A2: A file may be missing from the Forte folder.

    • To confirm path to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Modus\Forte\ and look for the file crp32002.ngn
    • If the file is missing, click the following link to download the file https://supportfiles.s3.amazonaws.com/crp32002.zip 
    • Open the zip file and Extract the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Modus\Forte\ folder

Once the file is there try Forte again. If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact Software Support at 800-833-9491.


Q: What building codes does Forte software support?

A: Forte software supports the following building codes:

    • International Building Code (IBC), using Allowed Stress Design (ASD) methodology – Most commonly used in the United States.
    • National Building Code of Canada (NBCC), using Limit States Design (LSD) methodology.


Q: How do I design commercial and residential building class members in the same job?

A: Building class designation is located on the Level tab. Residential is selected by default. You can add a new Level to the Job Tree and change the designation to commercial. You can also move selected members between levels by selecting the Member tab and choosing a different level from the dropdown menu on the Level field.


Q: How do I move or reorder the members in the Job Tree?

A: Users can move members between levels, but full reordering of the job tree is not yet available in Forte. We advise caution when moving members that have linked loads. You can also move selected members between levels by selecting the Member tab and choosing a different level from the dropdown menu on the Level field.


Q: Can I view basic design results for all members in my job file?

A: Yes, the Job Summary tab provides a central location for viewing all member design results and performing batch functions such as design or print. The Job Summary provides key information at a glance to show the status of the project, selected products and if there were any design errors.


Q: Are the design results saved with the job file?

A: No, Forte software stores user inputs and product selections for each member in the job file providing users with the ability to quickly redesign with the latest product values using the most up-to-date Weyerhaeuser design engine available. When opening an existing job file, viewing design results is quick and easy by simply selecting the Design All button from the Job Summary tab.


Q: Can pricing be added into Forte?

A: Forte has a materials manager which can be accessed from Forte’s menu bar. Products can be turned on or off from this utility and pricing can be entered. Material settings can also be exported and imported with this utility. For additional training, please watch the video on Materials Manager and Pricing.


Q: Where can I find pricing for Weyerhaeuser products?

A: Pricing will vary by dealer. We have an online utility to help you locate a local dealer by zip or postal code. The utility can also be accessed from within Forte by clicking the Where To Buy link on the Product Tab.


Q: How does Forte choose which solution to show as the Current Solution when multiple solutions pass?

A: Product Comparison options are located in the Program Settings window. By default, Forte will select the current solution by lowest wood volume. If you have added pricing into Forte, you can change the product comparison option to pricing from materials manager.


Q: How can I change where Forte saves my job files?

A: Save Preferences are available on the General tab under Program Settings.


Q: Can I have multiple jobs open at the same time?

A: Yes, by opening each file using multiple instances of Forte software.