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Parallam® Plus Deck Beam Sizer App

Help your imagination go further

Eliminate unnecessary, view-obstructing columns with our FREE Parallam Plus PSL Deck Beam Sizer app.

To help deck builders, advanced do-it-yourselfers and building material dealers design strong, stable and safe decks, we developed the Parallam® Plus Deck Beam Sizer app for mobile devices. In the field or in the office, in 60 seconds or less, the app provides an easy way to determine the correct Parallam Plus PSL beam for a deck. 

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App Features

  • Determine correct beam size with three simple inputs
  • Email proper documentation for use with the local building department to expedite approvals to finish the job
  • Connect with Weyerhaeuser technical support in just a few clicks for more complex decks

APP Screenshots

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