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Are you on a job site and need to review an installation guide for Trus Joist beams, columns or headers? Are you a specifier that needs to review the limited warranties on Weyerhaeuser Edge or Edge Gold OSB panels? There's an app for that!

The Weyerhaeuser Literature Library for Mobile Phones provides access to our full library of product literature – while on the go. Download any literature you need to properly install wood products manufactured and sold by Weyerhaeuser.

NOTICE: An active internet connection is required to download documents. When selected, documents will be downloaded to your device. Your device's browser will be used to start the download. Your device's PDF or Word document viewer will then be used to view the document. 

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App Features

  • Documents organized by category
  • “Star” your most-accessed documents for convenient access under the “Favorites” menu.
  • Easily share a document link via email
  • Search by document title

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