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10 Ways Building Industry Pros Can Build Their Companies

April 19th 2016 in Wood Products - #distribution

If you’re a builder or remodeler looking to grow your business, or for help with special projects, look no further than Weyerhaeuser Distribution.

“From my experience, the most valuable tip I can offer is for builders to align themselves with local architects in a specifier-driven market,” says Michael Wren, dealer sales representative with Weyerhaeuser Distribution. “Architects are on the project from start to finish. Many times their clients don’t live in the area they’re moving to … and the architect is in the position of recommending a local builder. Those builders who get to know architects in their area have a leg up on their competitors.”

Here are 10 more business-building tips for builders and remodelers looking to promote their companies and increase sales:

Tip #1 – Select products with reliable warranties. People want to feel secure in their purchasing decisions. Part of that security comes from you recommending products with outstanding, long-term warranties that will last for decades and are backed by companies with a firm reputation.

Tip #2 – Align with strong dealers, distributors and manufacturers that have weathered the previous economic downturn. Do your research and rely on companies with solid reputations.

Tip #3 – Respect your customer’s time. Don’t be late … show up on time for any scheduled client appointments. Determine immediately how much time the person has for meeting with you and then tailor your presentation to their schedule. If time runs out, request a follow-up meeting or offer to send additional materials for review.

Tip #4 – Promote the awards and certifications your suppliers and their products have received. Awards bring instant credibility. Find out which major awards — like the J.D. Power and Associates satisfaction award, the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval or ENERGY STAR qualifications — your vendors have earned and then make sure to share this information with prospective customers. These awards add a comfort level to a client when they’re making a decision on which products to select.

Tip #5 – Talk green. Not cash — the environment. Today people are more interested than ever before in selecting products with a green tie-in. Get educated on the environmental messaging and background of the products you’re recommending in order to provide your customers with information that will sway them to select your services.

Tip #6 – Sell with samples. Whenever possible, people like to see and touch what they may be getting in their homes. So, make your presentation visual. Get product samples and demonstration kits from your dealer or distributor to showcase the products you recommend during a client presentation.

Tip #7 – Get personal about products. Tell your clients why you’re recommending a specific brand of products. It may be you have them in your own home, or you’ve had exceptionally good experiences with prior installations of the products. You’ll get their buy-in by conveying your enthusiasm for the products you recommend.

Tip #8 – Sell yourself. Create a presentation book that showcases projects you’ve worked on, awards received, community services you perform and accolades you’ve earned. Know your strengths and sell them to your client. Your strengths give confidence to a prospective client in selecting you.

Tip #9 – Offer a written checklist of job site considerations. Advise your customers early how they may be inconvenienced during a remodel project. Discuss everything from daily start and finish times to daily job site clean-up to which bathrooms crew members may use. Presenting them with a written document shows your consideration for their potential inconvenience and that you’re prepared to make life easier for them.

Tip #10 – Courtesy counts. Ask how your customer would like to be addressed, what times of day are convenient for you to contact them in the future and thank them for their interest in your services. In an e-mail oriented world, if you follow-up with a hand written note immediately after the meeting, you’re more likely to make a lasting impression and close the sale.