Our Focus on Business Alignment Ensures That Sustainability Is Woven Into Every Role at Weyerhaeuser

When we launched our new sustainability strategy in mid-2020, it included three core focus areas: maintaining our solid foundation of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance (ESG); improving business alignment; and demonstrating the positive impacts of our work. The second pillar, in a sense, acts as a bridge between our foundation (what we've done well) and our future (what we plan to do). It also helps ensure that sustainability is never a separate consideration but rather a value that is woven into our everyday decisions and long-term roadmaps — in the woods and across our operations. ... Read More
June 24, 2022

Crossett Timberlands Team and Community Come Together To Relocate and Preserve Historical Yale Camp

On Jan. 23, 2022, after years of sitting empty and unused on our timberlands just outside Crossett, Arkansas, the nine buildings of Yale Camp were on their way to a new location. Yale Camp, built in 1946 by Yale University, was one of the first forestry field education sites in the country, and moving these historical buildings to a city park where more people will be able to see and explore them was no small feat. ... Read More
June 23, 2022

Prudy Nau Makes a Positive Impression Everywhere She Goes

As Prudy Nau celebrates her 25th work anniversary this month, she’s feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment about her career. Especially regarding her ability to continue adapting to new roles and help people. ... Read More
June 21, 2022

Knockout Holes in TJI Joists

“Knockouts” found only in Weyerhaeuser TJI I-Joists are quick and convenient 1 1/2” round holes spaced 12” on center. They are perforated in to the TJI and easily removed with a hammer. Placement of these “Knockouts” does not affect placement of other holes or interfere with bearing points. These unsung heros of the job site are great for trades looking to speed up productivity by taking the “guess work” out of hole placement. ... Read More
June 9, 2022

As Internal News Editor, Malissa Webber Helps Capture Our Weyerhaeuser World One Story at a Time

From early in her childhood in Lake Stevens, Washington, Malissa Webber knew she wanted to work with words. By high school, she was already penning her first fantasy novels, and in 9th grade she won a national Scholastic Art and Writing Award for one of her short stories — the first of several writing awards she would win over the next few years. Malissa went on to study creative writing and French in college in Illinois and then later earned a master’s in creative writing. ... Read More
May 25, 2022