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3 Areas in the Floor Builders Should Focus on to Head off Callbacks

A homeowner who hears her precious wedding china rattle in its cabinet every time her kids run through the dining room is likely to call the builder of her new home to come back and “fix” the floor. Likewise, a client who feels a little too much give and take underfoot as he steps across the living room will assume there’s something wrong with the floor—and call the builder back to solve the problem. ... Read More
March 26th 2018

New document library mobile app available

Now with the newly redesigned app you can sync your account from our document library at Weyerhaeuser.com with your mobile device to access your binders from anywhere. ... Read More
November 27th 2017

Design Advantages of Solid Section Beams

... Read More
April 3rd 2017

Strength of the Home

... Read More
March 22nd 2017

Sound Performance of Residential Trus Joist® Floor Systems

Sound transmission through floor/ceiling assemblies is essential when designing for multi-family housing, hotels, and mixed-use occupancy. It should also be a consideration for single family homes. This article will address multiple aspects that affect the sound performance of your Trus Joist® floor system and demonstrate how sound performance can be improved. ... Read More
September 18th 2015