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The logos on this site are proprietary and registered trademarks of Weyerhaeuser Company. The art may be used only in a manner and for a purpose expressly approved by Weyerhaeuser. Use of the images on this site must comply with the requirements in our WY Style Guide and may not be manipulated or altered in any way.

By downloading our logo, you accept and agree to our terms of use.


The corporate logo comprises our tree symbol and wordmark. The name “Weyerhaeuser” is a custom copyrighted typeface.

There are two configurations that may be used and downloaded (see below). Limiting the use of our logo to these few approved versions allows flexibility while ensuring uniformity and consistency in its presentation.

Our logo must always appear in one of these color combinations:

  • Green tree symbol with black type
  • All black
  • All white, used on full color or dark backgrounds

No other color combinations may be used.

PANTONE 348 is the approved green color. Color samples may be found in a current PANTONE swatch book, available at most printers and sign companies. The logo may be printed in a four-color process, but because the final color in printed pieces may change depending on the paper tone and finish, printing equipment and ink type, you must be sure the final color visually matches PANTONE 348 (R=1; G=106; B=58).


Choose the orientation (horizontal or vertical) and click on the desired file type below. You will be prompted to save the file.

NOTE: PNG files have transparent backgrounds. EPS files are used for high-resolution purposes.