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Retirees & Former Employees


Thank you for your years of service. Weyerhaeuser has a rich history thanks to the efforts of many retirees through the years. Your accomplishments helped build a strong company and your achievements have been passed down to help current employees carry on that rich tradition. We're grateful for your contributions and say "thank you".

We hope you find the benefit and vendor information in this website helpful, whether you're a U.S. salaried retiree / former employee,U.S. hourly retiree / former employee, or a Canadian retiree / former employee.

We also provide an opportunity for you to contact the Weyerhaeuser Employee Service Center to ask a question.

Weyerhaeuser continues to reserve the right to amend, modify, suspend, or terminate any benefit in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason. Information described in this website is in no way a guarantee of current or future benefits or financial contributions/subsidies.