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U.S. Salaried Retiree / Former Employee

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You can find your benefits booklets (summary plan descriptions) using one of the links below. If you have any questions or need to obtain a different booklet, please call the Weyerhaeuser Employee Service Center at (800) 833-0030 and follow the prompts.  You may also ask a question to request an SPD to be sent to you.


To expedite resolution of a benefits issue, please contact the appropriate vendor below for information on plan administration services.

  • Vanguard – 800-523-1188
    Inquiries related to 401(k) benefits.
  • OneExchange – 888-612-8197
    Inquiries related to post-Medicare medical plans.
  • CONEXIS – 877-722-2667 
    Inquiries related to COBRA offers and billing/payments.
  • Premera – 800-995-2420
    Inquiries related to medical claims, provider information and covered services.
  • Delta Dental – 800-554-1907
    Inquiries related to dental claims, provider information and covered services.
  • HSA Bank – 877-847-7448
    Inquiries related to HSA balances, fees, debit cards, eligible expenses and eligibility changes.
  • Aetna – 888-584-2983
    Inquiries related to retiree life policies and beneficiaries. 
  • ADP – 800-422-9410 
    Requests for W-2 copies (current year plus previous two years).
    For registration codes, submit a request to Weyerhaeuser via ask a question


If you need additional support after contacting a vendor, Weyerhaeuser provides an opportunity for you to ask a question.

Weyerhaeuser continues to reserve the right to amend, modify, suspend, or terminate any benefit in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason. Information described in this website is in no way a guarantee of current or future benefits or financial contributions/subsidies.


2016 Monthly COBRA Rates:

2016 Medical COBRA:

  • EE Only:  $484.71
  • EE + 1: $908.22
  • EE + 2 or more: $1292.78

2016 Dental COBRA:

  • EE Only: $35.64
  • Family:  $99.65