It is Weyerhaeuser’s policy to integrate environmental, health, and safety considerations into our products, from product design to end of life. Implementation of this policy will reduce risk and liability, promote compliance with applicable regulations and deliver sustainable products to the marketplace.


We will:

  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations and company policies.
  • Assess significant potential health, safety, environmental and related regulatory risks for materials incorporated into our products.
  • Support research and testing on the health, safety and environmental impacts of our products and processes as indicated by a risk assessment.
  • Consider environmental, health and safety aspects when assessing new or modified products over the product life-span, including development, raw material sourcing, manufacture, transport, marketing, use, recycling and disposal.
  • Communicate accurately about product attributes, including product handling and use under foreseeable conditions, through Safety Data Sheets (SDS), labeling and product information.
  • Retain sufficient documentation to support this policy.


Leaders are responsible for:

  • Ensuring compliance with this policy.
  • Assigning an accountable business manager who will ensure that product stewardship and compliance requirements are met for all products, including by-products.
  • Ensuring employees have sufficient training and resources to comply with this policy.

Employees are responsible for:

  • Understanding and complying with this policy.
  • Engaging relevant subject matter experts when needed to comply with this policy.
  • Seeking guidance if they are uncertain about the applicability of this policy to their work.

Corporate Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability is responsible for supporting this policy by:

  • Providing governance and oversight for product stewardship and reporting progress against this policy in site audits as appropriate.
  • Provide technical support in environment, health and safety matters.


This policy applies to all employees.


Violation of environmental and safety laws can result in civil and criminal penalties for individuals involved and for the company. Individuals may be fined and/or imprisoned as the result of criminal prosecution. In addition, violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


SVP & Chief Administration Officer

Last Updated

July 27, 2020