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Tony Gunn

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Trus Joist EWP Literature

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Title Size Description
NW-N101 Parallam and 24F-V4 GLB.pdf 835.43 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N102 Large Holes TJI.pdf 753.44 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N105 Allowable Bearing Stress.pdf 663.80 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N107 TJI Blocking Requirement at Bearing.pdf 630.00 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N111 Mid Span Bridging.pdf 651.00 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N113 Prescriptive Rim Checklist.pdf 601.00 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N122 Blocking at Wall Inside Stem Wall.pdf 570.63 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N123 Web Stiffeners at End Supports.pdf 833.49 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N126 Slope for Flat TJI Roof.pdf 703.98 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-N127 TJI Purlin (rotated) Example.pdf 1,059.47 KB Updated Jan. 2023
SW-N132 Shear Wall Sole Plate Fastening Recommendations.pdf 615.34 KB Updated Jan. 2024
SW-N137 2.2E PSL & V4-V8 GLB Comparison.pdf 202.78 KB Updated Jan. 2024
SW-N138 Shear Wall Values.pdf 495.98 KB Updated Feb. 2024
TB-715 Treated Sill Plate With Hangered TJI.pdf 191.91 KB Updated Jan. 2023


Title Size Description
NW-D201 Cant TJI Supporting Deck Framing.pdf 252.81 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D206 Support For Log Wall.pdf 196.31 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D207 LSL Ledger On Concrete.pdf 170.67 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D208 LSL on Concrete Corbel.pdf 179.75 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D212 Post Repair Detail.pdf 231.95 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D213 Hanging Soffit From TJI.pdf 176.12 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D217 Roof Joist Uplift Connection.pdf 328.50 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D218 Joist Support By Concrete Corbel.pdf 169.36 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D219 Uplift Relief Cut.pdf 141.62 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D222 Crawl Space Access Detail.pdf 192.81 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D223 Plumbing Drop Detail.pdf 154.73 KB Updated Jan. 2023
NW-D224 TJI Joist Electrical Hole Field Guide.pdf 169.90 KB Updated Jan. 2023

Stocking Lists

Title Size Description
Billings, MT Stocking List.pdf 246.46 KB Updated Nov. 2021
Boise, ID Stocking List.pdf 220.58 KB Updated Jun. 2020
Butte, MT Stocking List.pdf 237.30 KB Updated Nov. 2021
SLC, UT Stocking List.pdf 225.51 KB Updated Jun. 2020
Spokane Valley, WA Stocking List.pdf 246.69 KB Updated Nov. 2021
Tacoma, WA and Albany, OR Stocking List.pdf 229.21 KB Updated Dec. 2023