5 Considerations for Choosing Siding Profiles

March 25, 2024 in Wood Products - #distribution

TruWood® Siding combines the beauty of wood with consistency, reliability, and long-term durability. And with a variety of patterns and textures, TruWood Siding offers design versatility to meet the needs of your customers’ most unique projects.

With TruWood’s diversity of lap, shake, shingle, and panel profiles, what’s the best way for contractors and consumers to choose the right look for each home? 

TruWood offers three main types of profiles: lap, panel, and trim. From these options, customers can choose the style or design that they want to achieve. Consider these factors:

Home style: The No. 1 criteria, of course, is the overall style of the exterior. Lap siding is a timeless choice that works well with many different home styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Craftsman Bungalow. TruWood’s Shingle Lap and Designer Shake Lap profiles are excellent options for Craftsman- and Victorian-style homes. For contemporary styles, TruWood Panels and TruWood Trim can easily achieve the popular board-and-batten look.

Timelessness: Lap siding exudes a classic look that never goes out of style. In fact, horizontal lap siding goes well with a variety of home types. Additionally, there’s an ease to installation with the use of standard woodworking tools. 

Neighborhood style: While the individual home is important, it’s also critical to weigh what the other houses on the street look like. For example, a home with lap siding may not fit in as well in a Southwest-style neighborhood with homes clad entirely in stucco. Instead, one might consider TruWood’s Adobe Panel Siding, which offers a similar look as stucco in an affordable, easy-to-install format.

Varied textures: Multitextured facades are a popular way to add variation to homes and differentiate them from others on the block. They also are a great way to incorporate several looks when it’s hard to settle on one. Combining profiles—such as a TruWood’s V-Rustic Lap Siding with Cedar Shake or Shingle Lap in the gables—cladding materials, and colors in thoughtful ways can create eye-catching curb appeal. Or, use TruWood Trim to create board-and-batten accents.

Seeing is believing: One of the easiest ways to help pros and homeowners choose siding profiles is to use an online design tool such as the TruWood Visualizer. With this program, your pro customers can upload a photo of the home and see how profiles will look on the completed project, helping to avoid missteps and buyer’s remorse.

To browse all of TruWood’s profiles, visit their website here.

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