A Seed of an Idea Transforms Critical Timberlands Data Collection

Rebekah Allen believes the heart of innovation is improvement. So, when she became dissatisfied with an inefficient process for collecting critical seedling survival data, she looked for a way to make it better. ... Read More
May 8, 2024

Building Grassroots Innovation and Inspiration to Improve the Way We Operate

Gary Schweizer, director of engineering for our Engineered Wood Products business, is a structural engineer, which naturally makes him a problem solver. He’s constantly looking for solutions, for ideas to re-engineer the way we work. And he’s also an energetic leader, a role model for using our CuttingEdge platform, and someone who inspires others to continuously think about innovation. ... Read More
April 17, 2024

Yuzhen Li's Precision Mapping Tools Provide Unprecedented Clarity and Value

Having detailed, accurate information about stream networks is critical for our Timberlands teams to protect and manage water resources on our land. This information facilitates our forest harvest, planning and silviculture operations, as well as environmental compliance and our sustainability and certification processes. But it’s not easy data to get — in many places the forest canopy covers streams and other water features, making them difficult to spot using standard mapping tools. ... Read More
February 21, 2023

Mike Stalnaker Is Working to Make Every Day at Buckhannon Better Than the Last

For some, innovation can feel like a lightning bolt, a sudden flash of clarity or inspiration for a great idea. For others, innovation is more like a million tiny steps that lead toward continuous improvement and greater efficiency over time. ... Read More
February 15, 2023

Innovator of the Year Zack Allen Solves Cant-Feed Issues with a Can-Do Mindset

For Zack Allen, innovation isn’t a special project or something extra. It’s simply always on his mind. “It starts with a problem or opportunity,” says Zack, filing team leader at our sawmill in Cottage Grove, Oregon. “And there’s always something that needs to be fixed for good or that could be done better.” ... Read More
February 6, 2023