Storage, Handling, and Maintenance Guidelines for TruWood® Siding and Trim

March 25, 2024 in Wood Products - #distribution

TruWood siding and trim are engineered wood materials that are designed and manufactured for long-lasting durability. Like any building material, ensuring TruWood® products perform as designed requires they be stored, handled, installed, and maintained as directed by the manufacturer.

TruWood Storage & Handling Best Practices

Here are important points dealers should remember about storing and maintaining the value of TruWood siding and trim:

• TruWood products are shipped in tough protective packaging. This factory wrap should be kept intact until the siding and trim are ready to be applied.

• When loading and unloading, each piece should be handled with care. Though durable, materials can be damaged from forklifts and similar impacts.

• In storage, products must be stacked flat and well supported by stringers so that they don’t touch the ground.

• It’s important to remind both pro and DIY customers to never apply TruWood siding or trim if they have become wet, as this can cause problems such as shrinkage later on. Siding and trim that have become wet should be allowed to dry before applying.

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TruWood Care & Maintenance Best Practices

TruWood is highly durable and requires little maintenance, but it’s still essential that homeowners follow a few basic best practices to keep the siding and trim looking and performing its best. These include:

• If the siding or trim gets damaged, repair it immediately.

• Periodically reseal around doors, windows, and trim materials.

• Wash siding and trim as needed with a mild cleaner.

• Repaint as necessary per paint manufacturer’s recommendations and local conditions.

For full maintenance guidelines, download TruWood’s maintenance and warranty.

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