Weyerhaeuser Land Donation Helps Oregon School District Move to Tsunamic-Safe Zone

For nearly 30 years, Seaside School District superintendent emeritus Doug Dougherty worried about what might happen to students in Seaside, Oregon, if a Cascadia fault-line earthquake and tsunami hit the coast. ... Read More
December 19, 2022

Company Donation Brings Safe Storage Solutions for Santiam Canyon Residents Impacted in 2020 Oregon Wildfires

When Kyleigh Gill, Oregon public relations manager, drives through the Santiam Canyon on Oregon Highway 22, she can still see the effects of the 2020 wildfires that ravaged the area. “Homes are going up slowly, and there’s truly some beautiful construction,” she says. “But there are also many fire-damaged homes and businesses that aren’t rebuilt yet — some haven’t even been demolished.” ... Read More
November 10, 2022

Ginny Ridgeway Loves Supporting Salespeople — and Her Community

Ginny Ridgeway left nursing school because she discovered she cared too much and wanted to bring her patients home with her. Today, she brings a similar level of care to both her job and her entire community in Hot Springs, Arkansas — yet without the same emotional burden she felt with nursing. ... Read More
October 11, 2022

Va. Timberlands Team Hits a Home Run with New Community Partner

Like other company locations, our Timberlands office in Lynchburg, Va., receives a yearly allocation from our Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund for local distribution. And also like many other locations, the close-knit, six-person group is always looking for ways to build on those donations by sharing their time, experiences and memories together. ... Read More
October 3, 2022

Janel Landis: Problem Solver, Solution Seeker, Valued Partner, Survivor and Thriver

Her title may include the word ‘sales,’ but Janel Landis, leader of strategic pricing and sales process for Distribution, says she doesn’t really consider herself a salesperson. She prefers to think of herself as a problem solver.​​​​​​​ ... Read More
July 25, 2022