Caileigh Shoot Finds Her Career Happy Place on Our Forest Carbon Team

Forest Carbon is one of our newest teams at Weyerhaeuser. Housed within our Corporate Development organization and part of our Natural Climate Solutions business, the team is responsible for developing forest carbon projects on our existing Timberlands. Our first forest carbon project, Kibby Skinner in Maine, was approved by ACR last fall. Two additional forest carbon projects are under development in the U.S. South, with even more in the pipeline. It’s a new frontier not just for Weyerhaeuser but for forestry as a whole. ... Read More
June 11, 2024

Laura Ramirez Brings Impressive Tree Expertise to Weyerhaeuser's Quantitative Systems & Inventory Team

Life in blustery Chicago, Illinois, is pretty different from the mild tropical weather Laura Ramirez grew up with in Medellín, Colombia. But she’s not complaining — she loves it. “The seasons don’t really change in Colombia, so experiencing all the shifts in the weather has been really interesting!” Laura says. “It feels like I live in four different cities at once, and the passage of time is more pronounced.” ... Read More
May 30, 2024

Evelle Thomas Keeps the Storeroom Stocked and the McComb Community Supported

In the early 2000s, Evelle Thomas and her family lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Evelle’s family of four — including a newborn — lost everything. “The Salvation Army helped us stay on our feet, but we decided to relocate and restart somewhere new,” she says. In 2010 the family found themselves near our McComb lumber mill in Magnolia, Mississippi. Evelle applied for a job at the mill and became the site’s first woman forklift driver. And she quickly applied herself to helping out in the community as well. ... Read More
May 20, 2024

Glenville State University Students Get a Hands-On Look at Sustainable Forestry Tech

It’s a rare treat for college students to witness and examine state-of-the-art forestry technology up close. But that’s what seven Glenville State University silviculture students were able to do this fall on a field trip to our Cold Knob property in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. ... Read More
March 25, 2024

Shaunna Voepel’s Persistence Enables a Move from Production to Customer Service

When her kids were young, Shaunna Voepel’s job as a bar manager was a great fit. The hours were flexible, so she never worried about driving them to and from school, or staying home when they were sick. But as they got older, she wanted more: Benefits, retirement and a totally different kind of working environment. ... Read More
October 30, 2023