Princeton, BC, Lumber Mill Team Leads in Safety and Citizenship

Through fire and flood, the employees at our lumber mill in Princeton, British Columbia, stepped up in big ways to help their community last year. And many say they were simply doing what comes naturally: looking out for the people around them. ... Read More
July 21, 2022

Princeton Timberlands Team and Contractors Provide Crucial Wildfire Support in British Columbia

On June 27, amidst a severe drought, British Columbia hit its highest temperature ever recorded: a scorching 121 degrees Fahrenheit (49.6 degrees Celsius). ... Read More
March 3, 2022

Innovative Custom Fall-Prevention System in Columbia Falls Poised To Boost Safety at More Locations

Every day, the crew at our medium density fiberboard plant in Columbia Falls, Montana, loads finished products onto dozens of rail cars to ship to customers. Until recently, someone had to climb a ladder to crawl inside each loaded rail car to secure the MDF with dunnage, airbags and banding to protect them on their journey. ... Read More
February 24, 2022

Safety Manager Keith May Uses Small Things To Make a Big Impact

For Keith May, safety doesn’t start or end at work. As safety manager at our lumber mill in Philadelphia, Mississippi, he understands that safety is a mindset we carry with us throughout the day — and that what’s happening at home can affect what’s happening at the mill. ... Read More
December 27, 2021

Video: Safety is the most important thing we do

Nothing is more important than making safe choices. Everyone at our company shares responsibility for safety, and we’ve proved it’s possible to work injury-free. In fact, most of our sites were injury-free last year ... Read More
January 21, 2020