A Call for Greater Trust and Transparency in the Carbon Marketplace

Leaders from around the world will soon gather in Dubai for COP28 to continue mobilizing the global response to climate change. Among the key topics will be the role and effectiveness of carbon markets as one solution to this challenge. ... Read More
November 28, 2023

Sustainability analyst Vaughan Andrews goes from intern to employee — and quickly makes a mark

"I’m currently working on determining a new science-based target for carbon emissions reductions." ... Read More
January 19, 2021

Weyerhaeuser signs onto agreement to advance sustainable forests as a natural climate solution

Weyerhaeuser joined a group of 48 environmental, conservation and forest industry leaders in announcing an agreement of principles on the important role sustainably managed forests and forest products can play in mitigating climate change ... Read More
November 25, 2020

MIT study highlights benefits of using wood-based building materials

MIT scientists found that using lumber products instead of cement, iron and steel could significantly cut construction emissions and costs ... Read More
January 29, 2020

Weyerhaeuser fellowship grant helps professionals dive deep into forest carbon, climate change

Weyerhaeuser’s Giving Fund is supporting Michigan State University's focus on forest carbon and climate change with our Weyerhaeuser Fellowship grant ... Read More
June 20, 2019