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Snorkeling student scientists explore rich waterway in our Oregon timberlands

The experience gave students a chance to learn about birds, fish and other fauna essential to river health ... Read More
November 29th 2018

Wooing the Kirtland's Warbler in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

We're doing our part to create a home for the Kirtland's Warbler on our property in Michigan's Upper Peninsula ... Read More
April 30th 2018

New Study Measures the Effect of Roads on Streams; Results a 'Major Success'

A new report on the effects of logging roads in the northern Oregon Coast Range shows our efforts to protect streams, fish and other aquatic critters are working.  ... Read More
October 31st 2017

How four trillion bugs help eat away at waste emissions

There’s something buggy about the biofilter system at our medium-density fiberboard (also called MDF) facility in Columbia Falls, Mont. ... Read More
July 8th 2017

Making a Home for the Mat-Forming Quillwort

Over the past decade, our biologists, foresters and scientists have worked to create habitat for the mat-forming quillwort, a rare, at-risk plant that grows in shallow pools on granite outcrops. Helping the endangered Georgia native is one of several examples of our conservation efforts in the state, which we often conduct in partnership with government agencies.  ... Read More
March 21st 2017