We manage forests and manufacture products that make the world a better place. We’re serious about safety, driven to achieve excellence, and proud of what we do. With multiple business lines in locations around the world, we offer a range of exciting career opportunities for smart, talented people who are passionate about making a difference. 

We know you have a choice in your career. We want you to choose us.

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What's Unique About Working At Weyerhaeuser?

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    We Plant 130-150 Million Trees Every Year

    When he founded our company in 1900, Frederick Weyerhaeuser had a vision to replant after harvest to ensure our forests would last forever, and we carry that commitment through every step of our operations. We replant 100 percent of the forests we harvest, and 100 percent of our forests are certified to internationally recognized sustainable forest management standards. It takes long-term thinking to thrive for more than a century, and we're proud to continue honoring our founder's legacy. 

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    Our Forests Are A Climate Change Solution

    With millions of acres of timberlands across North America, we believe our forests are uniquely positioned to help provide a natural solution to climate change. Our trees sequester carbon dioxide as they grow, and our wood products then store much of that carbon for decades, making our working forests a powerful, far-reaching and cost-effective tool to help limit the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. We’re committed to leveraging our sustainable working forests to deliver equitable, climate-smart solutions that benefit everyone, and we're looking for passionate people to help us meet this challenge.

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    We're Proud Of What We Make

    The wood products we make from our forests provide the building blocks for sustainable, affordable homes across North America, as well as a range of other products essential to everyday life. Not every company can say they contribute to something so fundamental and important to society, but we can. Forests are a remarkable and renewable resource, and, when managed well, they can continue to meet important human and environmental needs for generations to come.

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    We're Serious About Safety

    There's nothing more important than making sure our people go home safely every day. Safety comes first in everything we do, and we believe every incident is preventable. Our goal is to operate entirely injury-free, and we continue to make great progress in reducing both the frequency and severity of injuries at our sites. 

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    We Support Our Communities

    We're proud to give our time and resources to help ensure the places where our people live and work remain thriving communities. In the past two years, we've contributed more than $10 million to organizations based in communities where we operate, and our employees logged more than 50,000 volunteer hours for nonprofits and other projects in their towns and neighborhoods. We support these efforts by offering matching gifts, grants to organizations where employees donate their time, paid time off for disaster relief, and annual recognition awards for employees.

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    We Love Where We Work

    When people come to work at Weyerhaeuser, they stay. Our voluntary turnover rate in 2020 was only 6.5 percent, and we work hard to keep our employees engaged, continuously learning and growing with us through long, fulfilling careers. Beyond providing competitive pay and benefits to attract the best talent, we take care of our people once they're here, and we were among the first in our industry to offer paid parental leave as a benefit.

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We believe embracing diverse experiences and points of view leads to increased innovation, better decision-making and a stronger company. It's also just the right thing to do — for our people and the communities where we work.

We've been on an important journey to build a truly inclusive environment, and to secure, preserve and promote equity for all our people. We have expanded and accelerated this work and identified distinct actions to drive meaningful improvement at our company.

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When you join our team, your growth and development will begin right away and continue throughout your career. To facilitate growth, we offer three leadership development programs for different levels of leadership, a formal individual development planning process, mentoring partnerships and opportunities to participate in cross-functional/cross-business projects.

We take the development of our people seriously, and we think our track record speaks for itself. 

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Safety, integrity, inclusion, citizenship and sustainability are enduring values that form the foundation of who we are. If these values speak to you, we hope you'll join us.



Weyerhaeuser is an equal opportunity employer. Inclusion is one of our five core values, and we strive to maintain a culture where all our people feel a sense of belonging, opportunity and shared purpose. We are committed to recruiting a diverse workforce and supporting an equitable and inclusive environment that inspires people of all backgrounds to join, stay and thrive with our team.

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